Welcome, my name is Marc Jordan, and along with my wife Joyce and my son Logan, we want to thank you for your interest in our taxidermy-training program here at Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy (WPST).
This site will acquaint you with our taxidermy school and answer any questions you may have about learning taxidermy. Our site is very comprehensive, helping to prepare you for one of the best decisions of your life, a new career in taxidermy!
Feel free to contact us at WPST any time for more information about training, classes, or anything taxidermy. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you start a new career.
Our contact information can be found at the bottom of each page.
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Our Purpose and Objectives


Our purpose at WPST is to teach the Art of Taxidermy to our students in an intense, yet enjoyable, eight week course. Offering the most up to date taxidermy techniques available, we provide you with the skills necessary to begin your own commercial taxidermy business. As a competent taxidermist you will be involved in an occupation that allows you to set your own high quality standards, and do the work you love for the rest of your life!
To insure quality, we offer hands-on taxidermy instruction, small classes, and a “do it till it’s right” attitude. We do not settle for inferior workmanship on the basis of time restrictions or any other reason! We guide you through, each step of the way until you have completed your project to our satisfaction!
To produce a first-rate collection of mounts in the eight week time period allotted, we have perfected a timing system that enables each student to practice top quality taxidermy techniques, without feeling rushed.
Finally, we do not have any “wasted” lecture hours that cover unrelated topics such as the “history” of taxidermy. Learning how taxidermists worked in the 1940’s has nothing to do with running a modern, efficient taxidermy shop today.
To accomplish this, we make the most of every minute of class time. For example, we do not work on just one taxidermy project non-stop from start to finish. While one mount is drying & waiting for finishing techniques, there are plenty of other projects that can be worked on in the mean time. This timing is not only important for taxidermy training purposes, it also teaches how you to run your own taxidermy business in a time efficient manner!



Head Instructor Awards

As the Head Instructor and Owner of Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy, I have been blessed and fortunate to win many taxidermy awards over the years. A list of some of the awards I have won is below. I have also won many ribbons which are too numerous to mention.


  • High Scoring Whitetail  – PA State Taxidermy Competition
  • High Scoring Whitetail  – Ohio State Taxidermy Competition
  • Van Dyke Most Original and Creative Presentation Award
  • Best of Show Game Heads – West Virginia
  • Whitetails Unlimited Award – Highest Scoring Whitetail – Maryland Eastern Regionals
  • Best North American Big Game Head Mount – Eastern Regional Competition
  • Hilton Eppley Award for Best Whitetail Deer – West Virginia State Taxidermy Association
  • Best in Class Game Head – Safari Club
  • High Scoring Whitetail  – McKenzie Taxidermy’s Choice Award
  • People’s Choice Award for Lifesize Doe and Fawn – PA State Taxidermy Competition
  • Taxidermist Choice Award for Mountain Lion – PA State Taxidermy Association
  • Best of Category Turkey – PA State Taxidermy Competition
  • Best All Around Taxidermist – PA State Taxidermy Competition

Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools.