Our program is geared to prepare you for successful self employment. After our eight week taxidermy training course, you will be fully qualified as a proficient, well rounded taxidermist. However, there may be students who wish to work for someone else prior to, or instead of opening their own Taxidermy Studio. These students will increase their chances of employment if they are willing to relocate.


From time to time, we receive information from prospective taxidermy employers (from various parts of the country) who are searching for taxidermy school graduates. Information on these positions will be passed on to any interested students if and when such openings exist.


WPST however, makes no guarantee of job placement upon completion of our Taxidermy Program.


Joe Szabo Wasco Award

Joe Szabo
WASCO Award – 2007
New England Association of Taxidermists and
United Taxidermists of New York
WPST Class – Winter 2006