Application and Enrollment Agreement


Please print out this entire page, complete, and send with your $150.00 application fee to: 32 Barilar Road, Oliveburg, Pa 15764

Print application here : WPST APPLICATION

Student’s Name ___________________________________________________________
Phone no: ________________________ Date of Birth: _______________________
Address:  ____________________________________________________________
City:  ____________________________________________________________
State:  ________________________ Zip:_______



  1. The acceptance and fulfillment of the general terms of this agreement entitle you to enroll as a student in the program as outlined in the WPST current catalog. Application for the WPST current catalog is made a part of this agreement and incorporated herein by reference.
  2. This is a contract with the Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy (WPST) for a program entitled “Your New Career in Taxidermy”.
  3. The WPST program consists of an 8 week course of instruction. Classes are held from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The program requires you to successfully complete 320 hours of instruction. Please see the student handbook or school website for exact course dates.
  4. Students will receive a diploma upon successful completion of all courses. In order to graduate, a student must maintain a minimum C grade point average.
  5. The cost for tuition at WPST for the entire 8 week course is $8,800.00. There is also an application fee of $150.00, for a total of $8,950.00. The application fee and tuition are required to be paid in full prior to the first day of class. Students will receive basic hand tools and specimens necessary to complete the program. Students may keep these items upon graduation. Students may purchase books from WPST, although these books are not required.
  6. WPST does not provide room or board for it’s students. However, there are several motels and beds & breakfasts in the area. Please see student handbook or school website for additional housing information.
  7. The starting date for the class covered by this agreement is:____________________, 20_____.
    The anticipated graduation date will be: ______________________, 20_____.
  8. WPST reserves the right to cancel an enrollment if a student does not achieve the academic requirements established by WPST for the program. In that event, the extent of a student’s tuition obligation will be in accordance with the cancellation and refund policy of WPST. This agreement is valid for the time stated herein to start and complete the program for which the student is enrolled. WPST reserves the right to enact and provide notice of rules as identified in the student handbook and regulations governing the conduct of student while attending the school. Violation of any such rules and regulations will constitute sufficient grounds for dismissal of a student. Unexcused absences, excessive tardiness, and lack of progress in training shall be grounds for dismissal.
  9. Please see the student handbook regarding the refund policy at WPST. WPST will refund all tuition payments, A student will be entitled to receive 100% of tuition, if notified 5 days prior to 1st day of class. Tuition refunds are issued on a pro-rated basis according to the date of withdrawal. A student will be entitled to receive 75% tuition refund if he withdraws up to the 7th day of class. A student will be entitled to receive a 55% tuition refund upon completing up to 25% of the course program. A student will be able to receive a 30% tuition refund upon completing up to 50% of the course program. After 50% of the course program is completed, a student will not be entitled to a refund. The withdrawal date of the student will be the last recorded date of attendance. Refunds will be issued within 30 calendar days of request.
  10. WPST makes no guarantee of employment upon completion of program or upon graduation.
  11. Questions or concerns regarding WPST shall be directed to Marc Jordan, Director, 32 Barilar Road, Oliveburg, Pa 15764 (814)938-6508. WPST is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. Questions or concerns that are not satisfactorily resolved by the WPST Director may be brought to the attention of the State Board of Private Licensed Schools, 333 Market St. 12th Floor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17126-0333.
  1. By signing below, I agree that I have carefully read this enrollment agreement and the WPST student handbook. I also acknowledge receiving a completed photocopy of this agreement and the student handbook, both of which I will retain for my records. I acknowledge that no promises or statements have been made to me other than the terms of this agreement and the student handbook, and these are the only agreements between me and WPST. I understand that this agreement is a legal and binding document once I have signed it. By signing below, I verify that my responses on this agreement are true and correct and I meet the admission requirements published in the student handbook. I verify that I am not acquiring information regarding and process or procedure of WPST for a competitor or my representing an entity other that myself. I understand that I will be held personally responsible for all costs involved in the replacement or repair of any equipment or facilities which are damaged by the result of my abuse or misuse of such items or facilities, or which are damaged as a result of my negligence, including attorney’s fees, if necessary.
  2. This agreement shall not be binding until it is accepted and reviewed by the director of WPST.
  3. By signing below, I acknowledge acceptance of all terms and conditions set forth herein by WPST.
    Students Signature:___________________________________ Date:______________
  4. An underage student must have the endorsement hereon of a parent or legal guardian. The student named herein is a minor and I hereby endorse this application on his/her behalf. I acknowledge that I have reviewed and received a copy of the student handbook.
    Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________ Date:______________
  5. As an authorized representative of WPST, I certify that the following statements are true and correct: I have interviewed the applicant and reviewed his/her enrollment agreement and find that the applicant meets the admission requirements published in the current student handbook. I have not made any verbal promises or statements which are contrary to the terms of this enrollment agreement or contents of the student handbook. I have given the applicant WPST’s current student handbook and a completed signed photocopy of this agreement.
    School Representative’s Signature:____________________________ Date:____________
  6. Important Additional Information: I understand that all expenses incurred by me while traveling to and from WPST, as well as expenses for food and lodging while attending WPST are my responsibility. In the event of labor disputes, acts of God, or other uncontrollable events, WPST reserves the right to suspend class until resolution. To benefit from the program offered at WPST, WPST requires that all students must be able to read, write, and comprehend the English language. Students must be able to read on the 8th grade level. During the term of enrollment, a student shall keep WPST informed of his/her current address and home telephone number.
  7. This is a legal document. All pages of this agreement are binding. Please read all pages before signing.